Windows XP SP3 RTMs. Really.

As hard as it may be to believe, Windows XP SP3 has finally shipped to manufacturing.  Users will be able to download it on 4/29.

Keroack confirmed that date today. "We are also in the final stages of preparing for release to the Web on April 29, via Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center," he said.

Users will be able to update their XP systems to SP3 starting next week, but they will have to select the optional download in Windows Update or download a much larger, stand-alone installer from the Microsoft site. The company won't begin pushing XP SP3 to users who have Windows Update set to automatically download and install important patches or fixes until "early summer," said Keroack.

Interesting how quietly Microsoft released SP3. They announced it on TechNet, not thought of as your high-profile end-user destination.  Not really that surprising, however, as we know Microsoft would love for XP to go away to allow greater Vista adoption.
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