Windows Vista, a true resource hog?

It seems Sander from Hardware Analysis just finished installing the latest build of Windows Vista, and now he's wondering where Microsoft went wrong?  Perhaps this editorial is a bit premature considering the OS is still in the beta phase and is months from release, but interesting reading nonetheless.

I myself have experimented with the last two releases and am actually looking forward to Vista. Will it be perfect on launch day?  Probably Not.  But neither was XP, yet its matured into the best version of Windows to date.

"When the first reports of Vista came in I remember thinking that it resembled much of Windows XP's introduction; basically a host of new features, better compatibility and the stability of Windows 2000 all integrated into one. The first few betas of Vista looked promising too; lots of cool and worthwhile new features and a graphic interface that started looking better with every new release. After having just installed the latest release a few hours ago I'm wondering where Microsoft went wrong? As with every release I've seen cool features get dropped and nothing substantial added."