Windows Phone 7 To Get Angry Birds On June 29

More Angry Birds? Of course! Who could be tired of Rovio's runaway hit? There's no question that the company is definitely milking this hit for all that it's worth, but every instance of Angry Birds is so good that we're forgiving them for this one. In fact, we're celebrating it. Windows Phone 7 remains one of the only platforms that Angry Birds has yet to infiltrate, but all of that changes in late June.

Over on the Windows Phone Blog, Microsoft has confirmed a number of upcoming titles, and Rovio themselves have tweeted a confirmation. June 29th marks the launch date for the WP7 version of Angry Birds, and it'll cost $2.99 for a game with 195 levels. That's just one of the many game titles coming to WP7 in due time, and while Windows Phone sales have been a little less than awesome, who knows what a little Rovio love will do.