Windows 10 Insiders Now Swapping Out BSOD For Green Screen Of Death

Microsoft’s familiar blue screen of death (BSOD) is getting a makeover — or at least it is for Windows Insiders. A lot of upcoming features for Windows 10 have been leaking over the past few days courtesy of the unauthorized release of Build 14997 and Microsoft has of course been monitoring these developments. Matthijs Hoekstra, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Enterprise Developer Platform, teased that uber enthusiasts and tech publications had missed one big feature that was added in Build 14997:

As it turns out, Twitter user Chris123NT was able to uncover what Hoekstra knew all along: Microsoft has changed the BSOD to a Green Screen of Death (GSOD) for Windows Insiders. Hoekstra took to Twitter to confirm the find, writing, “We have a winner”.


Although Hoekstra didn’t confirm why the change was made, there could be a very simple reason. It’s possible that Microsoft wants to weed out bugs and crashes that occur in regular production versions of Windows 10 from the numerous crashes that can occur for Windows Insiders. Monitoring issues on two separate tracks makes sense, and should vastly improve Microsoft’s bug-squashing capabilities.

This move to a GSOD for Windows Insiders follows another big consumer-centric move made by Microsoft earlier this year when it added QR codes to the BSODs. Users could then scan the code to find more information about why the crash occurred.

Other features that have been leaked with Build 14997 include the Windows 10 Game Mode, expandable/collapsible folders in the Start Menu, and enhancements to Cortana and Windows Defender (among other things).