'Windows As A Service’ Matures As Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Build 10532 To Fast Ring Insiders

Microsoft has just released a new Windows 10 build for those folks using the 'fast' ring (and have opted to receive preview builds). As you'd expect with a build that's come out after the final release has, there's not that much to talk about here. Most of Microsoft's efforts going forward are going to relate to bug-fixing as well as refinement.

An example of that refinement can be seen in the show below. According to Microsoft, it's received feedback about inconsistencies in contextual menus - mostly with regards to how they don't fit the overall theme of the OS. As it appears in this shot, the final result is going to be a beefing up of these menus, which I admit I'm not too keen on. To me, it's just another effort to make a desktop OS feel like a mobile one.

Windows 10 Context Menu

This build also introduces improvements to the Windows Feedback app, now allowing you to share your feedback with other Windows Insiders. I suppose this means that the most popular feedback will then catch Microsoft's eye easier and help the company prioritize updates.

Windows 10 Feedback

Microsoft notes that this feedback feature will make it to the mobile OS before long. Also noted is the fact that a new mobile build is en route, but as there are a couple of important issues to tackle that could cause issues for testers, its release is taking longer than usual.

Solid updates all-around, albeit modest ones.