Windows 7 Ousts XP for Top Spot in the U.S.

It appears that Microsoft has officially atoned for the debacle that was known as Vista. Don't get us wrong, Vista actually became a serviceable OS once the kinks were ironed out with its first Service Pack, but up until then, driver issues, poor file transfer performance, and networking headaches left XP users feeling vindicated in sticking with their tried-and-true OS.

With the warm reception following the release of Windows 7, however, XP users had to think long and hard about whether to stick with their legacy OS or forgive Microsoft for Vista and make the jump to its latest and greatest. Many have chosen the latter. According to analytics firm StatCounter, Windows XP is no longer the most used desktop OS in the world U.S. For the first time, that distinction belongs to Windows 7.

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According to StatCounter, Windows 7 now claims a 31.71 percent share of the desktop OS market in the U.S. That's enough to (barely) edge out Windows XP, which holds a 31.56 percent share. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world isn't quite as evenly divided between Windows 7 and XP. On a global scale, Windows 7 holds a 31.17 percent of the market, while XP still enjoys a sizable lead with a 46.87 percent share.

Which OS(es) are you rocking?