Windows 7 Now On A Majority Of Worldwide PCs

Ready for Windows 8? What about being ready for Windows 7? As it turns out, the general PC world is just now coming to terms with Microsoft's latest operating system... just in time for another version to come out. We've known for some time now that Windows XP has a strangle-hold on market share, but it's getting to the point where even the last of the hold-outs are coming to grips with "progress." Based on the newest StatCounter figures, Windows 7 is finally on the majority of PCs for the very first time. Years after arriving on store shelves, that magical 51% mark was finally broken. Interestingly, that figure should dip as soon as Windows 8 comes out, and then a new march begins to getting the majority of Windows users onto yet another "newest platform." We have to wonder, however, if tablets will be taken into account on that one.

Based on the stats, Windows 7 hit 50.2% of the OS market for the month of June, while WinXP hit 29.9%. Of note, these figures include iOS, Windows Vista, OS X and "others," likely Linux.

So, here's a question: are you on the newest edition?