Windows 7 Jumps in Front of Windows XP as World's Most Used OS

Windows XP might very well be the most loved operating system of all time (on the Windows side), but after nearly 10 years since being released, it's no longer the popular. That distinction now (finally) belongs to Windows 7, a popular OS in its own right.

It's taken three years, but Windows 7's market share is now slightly ahead of XP at 42.76 percent and 42.52 percent, respectively. That's practically a tie, though Windows 7 has been gaining on XP for some time now, and in the months to come, the gap is expected to widen.

Windows 7 Desktop

An interesting side note at play here is the upcoming release of Windows 8. Microsoft's hardware partners have been busy making Windows 8 product announcements at IFA in Berlin, but it will be the customers who ultimately decide if the touch-friendly OS is a success or not. If Windows 8 flops for whatever reason (no Start menu, confusing interface, funky UI), Windows 7 will be the OS that benefits, much like XP did when Vista was first released.

What operating system(s) are you using these days?