Windows 7 Is Touchy-Feely

The successor to Windows Vista, which is currently codenamed Windows 7, will apparently support multi-touch.  That's assuming that users have the proper hardware.  We're wondering if this will only be an option for some subsets of users as we know of numerous MMORPGers that have already reported a wave of destroyed monitors in the wake of failed guild raids.  Perhaps this technology won't find an application in that particular crowd, but one never knows.

“The company has long been a proponent of tablet PCs and touch input in Windows Mobile but has typically only provided control through a single point of contact and has largely designed its interfaces around a stylus rather than fingers. The Windows developer gave its first signs of a change in approach with the introduction of its Surface table, which relies on a series of hidden camera sensors to recognize several points at once as well as inanimate objects with embedded tags. A related technology has also been demonstrated in a notebook prototype but is not confirmed for shipping computers.”

We're expecting a large increase of interest in touch-screen monitors around the time of the release of Windows 7, and a marked drop in the interest in finger foods.  Invest wisely.