Windows 11 Taskbar Is Getting A Handy Upgrade For Users Who Open A Ton Of Apps

windows 11 dark
Do you ever find yourself running way too many apps on your Windows computer? We sure do, with our writing, our browsers, our image editors, calculator, chat applications, music apps, and the list goes on. It is pretty easy to watch the taskbar real estate slowly start to disappear over time. Fortunately, Windows 11 is providing a new overflow experience compared to previous iterations.

Early iterations of Windows that have the task bar and start menu have included the application indicators increasingly shrinking, though eventually that was modified to have a minimum width and then a scroll button. The scroll bar button has remained in Windows since its inception, even being a part of the icon-centric Windows 10 and 11 taskbar. That is until now.

taskbar overflow
Screenshot of New Taskbar Overflow Behavior

Along with some bug fixes, and a couple of other features, Microsoft has introduced a new taskbar overflow. This particular method of overflow seems to fit well with the way Windows 11 is designed—from the screenshots provided by the Windows Insider Blog it looks like the new overflow ditches that scroll button in favor of just a button that creates a sort of secondary attached task bar. This change allows you to very easily just click and see those overflowed app icons.

Along with the taskbar overflow behavior change Microsoft has also included a bug fix that prevents a crash when moving File Explorer tabs. There is also an improvement to file sharing, allowing for easier discovery of nearby devices such as a mobile phones, your Xbox, or other Windows devices, and an easier integration with storing to your OneDrive.

store update
Microsoft Store New Pricing View

Lastly, there is an update to the Microsoft Store, which more clearly shows pricing and sales for end users. This is a nice change as the Microsoft Store has always looked a little bland in that regard, especially when it comes to seeing whether something is on sale.