Windows 10 Will Hit PCs This Summer, Lumia Owners Will Have To Wait It Out

The latest builds of Windows 10 look promising and Microsoft is assuring customers that the anticipated OS is on track for a summer 2015 release. It’s enough to make you think that Microsoft has its act together.

There are some caveats to Microsoft’s assurances, though, and at least some customers will consider them to be pretty big. For one thing, Microsoft’s idea of a finished Windows is going to be looser than in the past. While Windows has always received updates, it sounds like Windows 10 will be more of a ‘work in progress’ than past versions. Expect to see noteworthy features, including Extensions and Windows 32-bit apps arrive after the official release.

Microsoft still plans to release Windows 10 for PC in the summer, but the Lumia and other mobile devices will have to wait.

Another caveat to the summer Windows release promise is that Windows 10 for non-PCs will likely not be ready until later. We’ve heard the fall floated as a possible release date for other versions of Windows 10, but Microsoft has been mum on that point. (That’s not too surprising, considering that Vice President of Operating Systems Joe Belfiore wouldn’t be more specific than “summer” for the main launch, when speaking at Build 2015 this week.

The result is that the Lumia will not have Windows 10 when it first launches, and neither will several other devices. That includes the yet-to-be-released HoloLens. Releasing Windows 10 on PC so far ahead of Windows 10 for other devices is a bold move, but time will tell as to whether it ends up being a good one for Microsoft – and its customers.