Windows 10 Users Can Boldly Flip The Middle Finger To iOS And Android Rivals With New Emoji

Microsoft wants you to be able to let others know how you really feel, so the company's giving you the middle finger to do just that. The new emoji is one of several being introduced in Windows 10, and what's awesome about its inclusion is that Microsoft is venturing into territory that other major tech companies haven't had the guts to trek.

Just last month, Apple introduced hundreds of new emoji to iOS and OS X, including 14 new families, 198 new flags, 60 updated people, and a whole lot more. The update even included a hand gesture, just not a profane one -- it's the Vulcan salute made popular by Spock in Star Trek.

Android also has plenty of emoji to play with, but if you to flip someone the bird, you have to go old school and get creative with ASCII art.

Middle Fingers

According to Emojipedia. that won't be the case with Windows 10, which will include the middle finger emoji. Not only that, you'll have a range of skin tones to work with, including various shades from light to dark, plus the default gray option.

In case you're wondering, the "reversed hand with middle finger extended" is an official emoji and has been ever since the Unicode Consortium added it last year as part of its Unicode 7.0 update. Companies like Microsoft and Apple can choose whether or not to use specific emoji, and so far, only Microsoft is embracing the bird.

Triumph Emoji

Microsoft is also revamping some less incendiary emoji, some of which will no longer look like their description. For example, the Face with Look of Triumph now matches what Google and Apple use, which looks more like a "Mad Like Bull," if we were in charge of naming it.