Windows 10 ‘Threshold 2’ Update Pegged November Launch

It looks like the non-patch update for Windows 10 may be arriving a little later than expected. The update, known as Threshold 2, appears to be moving from an early October release to a November release. The update is expected to bring with it some stability-related improvements and few minor new features, but the one-month delay isn’t likely to be a problem for most users.

At this point, little is known about what exactly Threshold 2 will bring to the table, but a new messaging tool is expected to show up in Windows at some point, either as part of an update to Windows 10 or in Redstone, which is the codename for the next version of Windows. Threshold 2 will also probably include extensions for Windows 10’s well-received Edge browser.

Windows 10 In All Its Glory

It’s hard to imagine that Microsoft will wait longer than November to release the update. That’s mostly because Microsoft has reportedly taken to calling the update the “November Update” internally, but also because Redstone is on the horizon. The next version of Windows is expected to arrive as early as sometime next year, thanks to Microsoft’s newfound drive to deliver products rapidly under CEO Satya Nadella.

The Threshold 2 update, which is also known as the Threshold 2 wave (and, as I mentioned earlier, the November update) gets its name from the codename “Threshold” that Microsoft used for Windows 10 prior to the official launch. Microsoft tends to use codenames that are pulled from its video games. Threshold is a reference to Halo, for example. Redstone appears to refer to an ore used in Minecraft, which is also owned by Microsoft.