Windows 10 Redstone Update To Tackle ‘Complex’ Display Scaling Issues

Windows 10 Product Family

We've talked a handful of times in the past about Microsoft's upcoming major Windows 10 update called 'Redstone', one that should add polish that the company would have liked to see in the OS' initial release. While there's still much to learn about this update, we do know that it will bring substantial updates to Continuum, and possibly, extensions to Microsoft Edge.

A couple of weeks ago, Windows Insiders were treated to the first preview build of Redstone, version 11082. While there's not too much to see quite yet, this is proof that development is well underway, and that we could very well see its final release before the summer.

While Microsoft's role in this past CES was minor compared to many years ago when it actually exhibited at the event, some interesting information trickled out thanks to the myriad device makers present. In Redstone, Microsoft is hoping to vastly improve the way the OS scales content, without you having to worry about what size device or resolution you're running.

Windows 10 Scaling

Even today, every single app from the Windows Store should scale without issue, and most built with the Windows Presentation Foundation should as well. But then there are others that don't scale well at all, and with our device resolutions ever-increasing, and 4K in general being a popular choice today, that's a problem, and one that Microsoft will hopefully solve here.

In Redstone, many more scaling values should be present, with values ranging between 100% and 450% - the previous max being 250%. This should allow content to scale just fine up to 8K, which doesn't just involve apps, but the UI itself.

If there's a takeaway from all of this, it's that Microsoft is working hard to make sure that Windows and its apps look great regardless of which device or resolution you are running. Some might say that this is long overdue, but at least we know now that things will only continue to improve.