Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082 Hits Fast Ring, Lays Groundwork For Redstone

We first received word of Windows 10 Build 11082 over the weekend, and it looks as though the release is now ready for Windows Insiders. In case you need a refresher, the leading “11” in the build name instead of “10” signifies that Microsoft is transitioning to the next major update for Windows 10: Redstone.

As these early builds are merely laying the groundwork for the Redstone update, don’t expect to be wowed with fresh new features right out of the gate. As Microsoft’s Gabe Aul explains, “You won’t see big noticeable changes or new features just yet. Right now, the team is focused on product improvements based on the feedback we’re hearing on the November update to Windows 10.”

Instead, Microsoft is working on “structural improvements” to its OneCore — the unified kernel base that makes it easier for developers to create apps that work across all of Microsoft’s consumer platforms including PC, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, and HoloLens.

windows 10 ambient 2

“We’re doing some code refactoring and other engineering work to make sure OneCore is optimally structured for teams to start checking in new features and improvements in the new year,” added Aul.

It should also be noted that Microsoft will no longer being making public its list of known issues for its Insider Preview builds going forward. Instead, they will only be accessible through the Insider Hub built within Windows 10.

With that being said, Microsoft remains committed to delivering even more builds to the Fast ring so that it can expedite the vetting process for future updates to Windows 10. However, more frequent releases will also mean more bugs. But if you’re a Windows Insider, you should be used to that by now. “It’s a tradeoff – as the thing that throttles the rate of builds is the promotion criteria,” Aul explained. “If you’re one of the many vocal Fast ring Insiders who’ve asked for this you’re probably excited right now.”

edge extensions

On a final note, we should also point out that Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082 reportedly already has code support for Edge extensions:

As reported, the functionality is not currently enabled, but as we reported last week, extensions support is likely just around the corner.