Windows 10 'Redstone' Update Coming Summer 2016 With Continuum Productivity Enhancements

We reported a couple of weeks ago that a significant update will be hitting Windows 10 at some point in November. While the original goal was to see it drop very early in the month, it does appear that there will be a delay of a few weeks. Ultimately, that's a good thing - the less buggy, the better.

As mentioned in the earlier post, this upcoming update, called "Threshold 2", isn't going to be a major one. It is, however, going to bring a couple of nice upgrades in one clean package. Even the media creation tool will be receiving an upgrade, although perhaps that means it will simply download Windows 10 Threshold 2 from now on (I hope - that'd make for easy clean installs!)

The next update to hit Windows 10 that could be considered "major" will drop next summer, and is referred to internally as "Redstone", a name inspired by the unique block in Minecraft which allows people to create workable objects.

Windows 10 Build 10074 start menu

In Redstone, a major focus is going to be placed on Continuum, allowing apps to work together between mobile and PC better than ever. This is going to heavily mimic Apple's Continuity feature in OS X, but it's a much-needed path to take. Imagine working on an email while mobile and nearly instantly continuing to work on it on the desktop. The same goes for any official Windows 10 application, including Edge.

As we learned just over a week ago, Microsoft is postponing the rollout of extension support in Edge until 2016, and there's a definite possibility that Redstone is where that will make a debut. It's unfortunate, because that's still about six months away. While Microsoft pleads with users to not give up on the browser so quickly, for those who rely on extensions (eg: most of us), there's absolutely no compelling reason to. I think it's safe to say that while Windows 10 is a fantastic release, that one lacking feature of Edge pretty much mars the browser's potential right now.