Windows 10 Redstone Update Reportedly Primed For Insiders

Rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to release its next major Windows 10 update, dubbed "Redstone," in Summer 2016, and new information teases us with the prospect of being able to test it out soon. If true, it either means that we'll be getting a really advanced preview, or that Redstone is so far ahead of schedule that we could see it drop in the spring.

microsoft lumia 950

This latest information comes from a Twitter account that monitors various OS builds coming out of Microsoft, with one of its recent tweets referencing build 11082. This is notable because of the "11" at the start; the Windows 10 RTM and Threshold 2 builds begin with 10, with the latest being 10586 (tip: you can see your Windows version by opening up a command prompt and typing in 'ver', without quotes).

Following the tweet, a tipster hinted that this build could hit the Windows Insider branch soon, allowing users to get right to testing. If true, there are two things to bear in mind; first, this appears to be mobile-only, and second, given Redstone's final release is still a ways off, this build might not bring on a slew of noticeable changes.

From what we've learned up to this point, Redstone as a whole might not be that exciting of a release. While it's considered to be a major one, the bulk of the enhancements so far look to be tied to back-end upgrades and much-improved interoperability between mobile and desktop. Welcomed changes, but not changes that will have many chomping at the bit.