Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17713 Brings Big Notepad Updates And Remote Desktop Biometric Authentication

Microsoft is moving right along with Redstone 5 development, which will debut as the Windows 10’s next major update this fall. We've already seen some big feature enhancements since the first Redstone 5 build landed months ago, but today's release is still piling on new features for Windows Insiders to try out.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713 adds in some much-appreciated features for a long-serving Windows app: Notepad. Wrap-around fine/replace has been added to the find dialog box and the app will now remember your previous checkbox selections. Text zooming has been added to Notepad along with the ability to display column numbers when word-wrap is enabled. Microsoft said that last feature has been oft-requested by hardcore Notepad users.

notepad windows 10

In addition to the above-mentioned updates, Microsoft also calls attention to the following Notepad improvements:

  • Improved performance when opening large files in Notepad.
  • Notepad now supports Ctrl + Backspace to delete the previous word.
  • Arrow keys now correctly unselect text first and then move the cursor.
  • When saving a file in Notepad, the line and column number no longer reset to 1.
  • Notepad now correctly displays lines that don’t fit entirely on the screen.

Moving on, Microsoft says that users of the Azure Active Directory and Active Directory can will now be able to use biometrics to authenticate their remote desktop sessions with Windows Hello for Business. Microsoft has also added Web Sign-in, which allows you to login to Windows with non-ADFS federated providers. And for yet another take on signing in, Microsoft has enabled Fast Sign-in for users that share a PC in the workplace (or at home).

remote desktop

Other features of note include updates to the Windows Application Guard, which gains a UI within Windows Security. This allows users to make quick configuration changes and see enterprise policies that have been put in place. Embedded handwriting is now the default "experience" for text entry when using a pen (a la the Surface Pen with the Surface Pro) when using Modern apps. In addition, Microsoft has made a number of enhancements to the Edge browser with things like per-site media autoplay controls, improvements for the built-in PDF reader, and the ability to look up definitions with books and PDFs.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713 is now available for download for users on the Fast ring.