Windows 10 Penetration Hits 45 Percent With Steam Gamers

If you download games from Steam and Windows 10 is your operating system of choice, you are not alone. According to a recent Steam survey, nearly 45% of Steam customers use Microsoft's latest operating system. This is a a 3.26% increase from last year.

It turns out that Windows operating systems dominate, period. 95.5% of Steam customers prefer Windows, including Windows XP and Vista. Only 3.6% of customers use OS X and less than 1% of Steam users prefer Linux. Despite these small numbers, OS X and Linux saw an increase in popularity with Steam users.

Windows 10

The survey revealed other interesting features about Steam’s customer base. For example, the HTC Vive is the most popular VR headset at 0.15% of total users.

Most customers’ primary display resolution is 1920x1080, while players who use multiple monitors use a 3840x1080 display resolution. 47.76% of Steam customers use dual-core CPU’s, while 45.62% utilize quad-cores. Most players have 1GB of VRAM at 34.22% while 23.71% of customers used 2GB. 32.5% of customers used 8GB of system RAM. Interestingly, 21.07% utilized 4GB, however, just slightly fewer players incorporated 12GB or more of system RAM.


Steam also seems to have a mostly English-speaking customer base. 45.37% of Steam customers read or speak English. Although this is 1.25% less than last year, this is still almost 30% more than the second-most common language, Russian. Other popular languages included Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and German. 

These language differences could be important, because 65.21% of Steam customers use microphones, a 0.19% increase over last year. How else are you supposed to yell at your teammates in Counter Strike?