Windows 10 ‘Neon’ Design Language With ‘Acrylic’ Window Blurring Leaked In New Screenshots

Microsoft is working on a new look for Windows 10. The effort is called Project Neon and it will alter the user interface with some new animations and changes that are designed to simplify things. it will also introduce a new component call Acrylic that will blur items in the background and sidebar, as well as when navigating an app. This will help put users focus on the main item that they are interacting with.

Before we go any further, let us point out that Project Neon represents an incremental upgrade to Windows 10's UI, or Microsoft Design Language (MDL), and not a complete facelift. The change will not be anywhere near as jarring as going from the UI in Windows 7 to the Metro interface in Windows 8. For the most part, Windows 10 will still look and function the same, it is just getting some visual bling—the end result will still be considered MDL2, the same as it is now.

Windows 10 Acrylic

Acrylic looks to be the biggest visual change. The three types touched on above will be known as Side-Nav Acrylic, Background Acrylic, and In-App Acrylic. These visual effects tie in with other elements that Microsoft is working on, specifically something a pair of goodies it calls Conscious UI and Connected Animations.

Microsoft Groove

This is something that is already implemented in Microsoft's Groove Music app for Windows Insiders. When scrolling through the app, the size of the artist's profile picture changes and the background is blurred, as shown in the picture above.

Windows 10 Mouse Glow

As Microsoft readies its Creators Update to Windows 10, Project Neon will also include elements that interact with 3D content and HoloLens. For example, the mouse cursor will have a subtle glow when hovering over navigation items. It is another minor but neat visual effect.

Much of what Microsoft is working on is subject to change between now and when Project Neon is applied. A lot of it will depend on well the effects work and the feedback of Windows Insiders. Until then, Microsoft has plenty in store for Windows 10, including its upcoming Creators Update (Redstone 2) followed by another major update (Redstone 3) before the end of the year.