Windows 10 Mobile Pegged For September Rollout

Microsoft has made it clear that not all of its upcoming Windows 10 releases will be coming out at the same time. While we learned a few weeks ago that the desktop variant would be released on July 29, it seemed inevitable we'd have to wait a fair bit longer to see the mobile version.

Windows 10 Mobile Device Availability

Well, according to the folks at Neowin, who've procured a slide destined for a Microsoft partner, we're likely to see Windows 10 Mobile drop in September. This is based on the fact that the slide notes it will "be available late next quarter", referencing Q3.

There's some things to bear in mind here, such as the fact that a late Q3 launch doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to download it in Q3. That timeline could reference the period when it will be released to carriers, who will work on fleshing it out for their Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has mentioned in the past that its Windows 10 Mobile release will be the most straight-forward one yet, in that it can handle the updating, rather than the carriers, so we can hope that the OS will drop around the same time period.

Windows 10 Mobile Release Schedule

There's some other useful information here as well, such as the fact that Windows 7 will continue to be available for one year after Microsoft announces its EOL, which has yet to be set. That's a great thing given OEMs will still be able to bundle in the OS, although it seems likely that most people are going to inevitably upgrade to Windows 10 anyway, as it's completely free, and will offer the latest technologies. And, not to mention, it'll be the best-supported version of Windows (and is looking to be the best version.)