Windows 10 Anniversary Update To Rollout In Waves To PC, Mobile, Xbox One

August 2nd is the big day for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and it comes just a few days after the free upgrade offer expires for Windows 10. The Anniversary Update will eventually spread throughout Microsoft’s current hardware ecosystem on devices like Lumia smartphones, HoloLens and even the Xbox One. As you might expect, Microsoft can’t possibly start updating all of these devices at the same time, which is why the company announced this week that the update will be coming in waves.

There are currently over 350 million devices running some variant of Windows 10, so it makes sense that Microsoft would take a more measured approach when it comes to updating all of those devices to the most recent build of the operating system.

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"It's going to take some time," said newly installed Windows Insider Program chief Dona Sarker via the Windows Weekly podcast. "We'll start with PC and phone, and it's going to be a global rollout. It's going to take time. Everyone's going to freak out wondering ‘Where's my update?', ‘Is it time yet?' and ‘It didn't come'. So it's going to take a little while to roll out to everybody."

So just because you have a Windows 10 PC or compatible Lumia smartphone at your disposal, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be receiving it on launch date. So patience is the best course of action as Microsoft rolls out the Anniversary Update globally.

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But what about Xbox One and HoloLens? Both of those devices are running branches of Windows 10 as well, and the Anniversary Update launches will be staggered further out from PCs and phones. According to Sarker, "those come at different times since the end device is just separate." Although Microsoft is being coy about the Anniversary Update for HoloLens, we do know that it will arrive for the Xbox One sometime later this summer.