Will AMD Ship A K10 @ 2.6 GHz In '07?

There have been few CPU introductions that have come with as much speculation, rumors, or general interest in the tech community as that of the AMD Barcelona/K10 CPU.  Many of these rumors revolved around release dates, features, and performance.  Now that the chips are shipping in limited quantity, the tech community has their answers to these questions...for the most part.

While the following is nothing more than a continuation of the rumors, and thus take it with a grain of salt, but it appears that AMD might not be able to roll out their 2.6 GHz model until sometime in '08.

“The sources noted that AMD will only introduce two Phenom CPU at the November 19 launch, the 2.2GHz 9500 and 2.3GHz 9600 models. A 2.4GHz 9700 model is expected to launch during December, but a 2.6GHz one will not be introduced until 2008, they noted.”

We are hoping that this will turn out to be another gloom-and-doom rumor that isn't accurate, but stay tuned for more information as it comes in.
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