Wifi Porter Makes Sharing Your Home Wi-Fi Password With Guests A Breeze

wifi porter 1
We're sure that all of you have encountered this scenario at some point. You have guests over that need access to your Wi-Fi network to download a large file quickly quickly to avoid hitting their metered LTE connection. You then have to go fishing around for your network password that they would need to input.

A new device called Wifi Porter is looking to make hopping on to your network dead simple for folks that come over to your house for a visit. The relatively small block of wood houses an embedded NFC chip. All you have to do is program the Wifi porter once with your login in credentials, and it is then saved for future use. There are no batteries and no need to charge the device, so you can toss it anywhere in a common area for easy access.

While other NFC-based devices have been marketed in the past, what makes the Wifi Porter special is that it doesn't require a separate app to work. Nobody wants to have to preinstall an app that they may use infrequently (and thus wasting space on your device), so the Wifi porter avoids that hassle.

wifi porter 2

The only thing that your house guest must do is tap their device against the wooden block and the credentials are automatically entered, giving you the freedom to surf with minimal hassle.

Any Android phone with an NFC chip onboard should be able to take advantage of the "tap to connect" feature without issue. This functionality is a lot more restricted, however, with iPhones. Only the current-generation iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR fully support the automatic sign-on procedure. If you have an older iPhone with NFC -- including the iPhone X -- you will need to scan the QR code on the back of the Wifi Porter with the camera app, which will then get you connected as long as you have at least iOS 11 installed.

The Wifi Porter is priced at $39.95 for a single unit, or is available in a four-pack for $129.