Where Your Old Cellphone Goes To Die -- Or Live Again

How many different cellphones have you yelled into in your lifetime? I remember singing the praises of my bag phone with the battery life of a tse-tse fly. Since then? Dozens. And they were all useful for as long as they lasted and the next big thing came along. For all I know, they're still useful to someone, somewhere; they all worked perfectly when I got rid of them. No wonder there's a huge market for used cellphones, and it spans the globe:

Based in small-town Michigan, ReCellular gets 75,000 used phones a week - most collected in charity fundraisers - and refurbishes more than half of them for sale around the world. The remainder are salvaged for parts and reusable raw materials. ReCellular executives say they are doing well for themselves as well as for the March of Dimes and other national charities, which collect used phones to raise money by selling them to ReCellular.

It's the Circle Of (Battery) Life. Read it here.

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