Here's Where To Find Fortnite Snowflakes And Ice Boxes For Winterfest Challenge Fun

Fortnie Polar Renegade
Look, anyone who plays Fortnite who says they don't want a Polar Renegade Spray is lying. I mean, just look at it (show above)! Okay, maybe not everyone cares about earning the uncommon spray, which is from the Bear Brigade set. But for those who do, completing a Winterfest challenge is the key (which starts with your stocking). More on that in a moment.

First, let's start with Day 12 challenge, which involves destroying Snowflake Decorations around the map. There are several that are scattered across the map, and it can take a bit of time hunting them down. However, you only need to destroy three of them, so that makes things a little easier.

These can be found at POIs on the map, though the tricky thing here is that their spawns can vary a bit. That said, you will find them at the following locations...
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Pleasant Park
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • West of Weeping Woods
Find them, then destroy them with a weapon or pick axe. This will get you an epic rarity item, the Snow Crystal Backbling. To make things easier, we've marked the locations with "O" designations on the map, show here...

Fornite Winterfest Map
A Composite Map Of Fortnite Snowflake And Ice Box Locations - Xs Are Ice Boxes, Os Are Snowflakes

Despite being a Day 12 challenge, this one (and all the rest) will stay accessible through January 7, so you have a bit of time.

Here Are The Ice Box Locations To Complete The Winterfest Challenge

You will notice that our map also contains a bunch of "X" designations. You can get free loot by visiting these locations, but just as importantly, these are where the Ice Boxes are to complete the Day 13 challenge, and earn the aforementioned spray.

There are five Ice Boxes in total, and you only need to visit two of them, making this a rather easy challenge to complete. The ones at Sweaty Sands and close to Holly Hedges are not that far apart, so those could be good ones to target to get this finished quickly. Just be aware that other Fortnite players may have the same strategy, so things could turn ugly in a hurry.

The Ice Boxes are easy spot, though, because they look just like a real ice box. Once you find and interact with a couple, enjoy your reward!