Where are the top-paying high-tech jobs?

Those of you looking for work in the high-tech field may want to pack a bag and move where the money is.  This story from Forbes.com details the top 25 cities across the U.S. for high-paying tech jobs.  I was surprised to find my new home-town of Norwalk, CT was number 8. Why don't some of you HH fans move to the area so we can start an annual high-tech BBQ here in the BW Labs?

"If you want to find the top-paying jobs in the U.S. tech industry, you may want to look in the obvious places -- Montgomery, Ala., Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Fort Smith, Ark., for instance. Surprised? So were we. But for those looking to make top dollar as programmers, systems engineers and hardware technicians, these seemingly technologically out-of-the-way metros rival better-known high-tech hubs like San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington D.C., for wages."
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