WhatsApp Takes A Knee And Goes Down Just Days After $19 Billion Dollar Facebook Acquisition

One has to wonder if Facebook is feeling any buyer’s remorse, as the messaging service the company just dropped $19 billion to acquire experienced an outage on Saturday, according to reports.

WhatsApp didn’t provide much in the way of details beyond a pair of tweets that acknowledged the outage and then stated that service had been restored. “Sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly,” reads the first. The second tweet, posted two and a half hours later, reads “WhatsApp service has been restored. We are so sorry for the downtime…”

WhatsApp outage

The outage wasn’t a terribly long one, but the timing of it was quite poor, coming just days after the blockbuster Facebook acquisition deal was announced. Considering where it currently stands in the spotlight, it might behoove WhatsApp to let users know what exactly went wrong.