What's The Penalty For Counterfeit Software?

Apparently in Michigan the answer is 5 months in prison, 5 months home confinement (Is he banned from broadband access?) and in this case $15,660 restitution.  
"Between Aug. 26, 2003 and Sept. 7, 2004, using two different eBay user names, Thomas sold counterfeit copies of Rockwell Automation software in 49 separate eBay auctions, receiving more than $14,625.  The actual retail value of this software was in excess of $1 million."
Just goes to show that if you participate in piracy you might as well be
playing with fire.  Either way you're looking for trouble.

The fact that the company seems to have lost out on more or less $1,000,000
on the deal even after restitution is pretty sad, and makes one wonder how
much piracy has impacted the company's bottom line.
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