What Has The Power Of 12,000 Desktops? HECToR

There are very few body parts we wouldn't trade  to be able to play Crysis on HECToR, the newest super computer in the U.K.

“It can make 63 million calculations each second, allowing scientists to conduct research into everything from climate change to new medicines.

The purpose-built machine is housed in 60 wardrobe-sized cabinets in the University of Edinburgh's advanced computing centre near the Scottish capital.

After years of development, Chancellor Alistair Darling is due to attend the official launch ceremony for the 113 million pound machine.”

There is no word just yet about memory, storage capacity, or how well this would fold, but we're willing to be those details would be impressive.  If Moore's law holds true, you can expect to find a desktop with this kind of power in a little over 20 years.