What Did People Buy Online This Year?7

This holiday season has been very generous to e-tailers, with record breaking numbers left and right.  This begs a few questions such as: what changed from last year?  Well, one of the largest changes appears to be what consumers were shopping for:

“According to early online shopping statistics, sales of holiday stalwarts like jewelry, watches and flowers have dropped from last year’s levels, while sales of more practical items like furniture and appliances have climbed about 70 percent.“

These reports are only preliminary, and the final results could shift a few percentage points in either way.  That said, we can certainly see a possible motivation to shop online for more practical items.  After all, who wants to fight the holiday crowds just to order a new blender?  On the other hand, if one were buying a watch or other piece of jewelry, one might be more interested in actually examining the item in question before making the purchase.
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