Weekend Project, Dell Studio Hybrid Disassembly

So we were kicking around the lab for the weekend with nothing much to do (ok, ok, we have plenty to do but we decided to goof off).  And what do any self-respecting Tech Geeks do with a little time on their hands?  We take stuff apart of course.  This time our victim was the Dell Studio Hybrid.  We'll be showcasing this machine next week in on our Video Spotlight channel but this sneak peek will actually give you a pretty solid understanding of what the Studio Hybrid is made of.  Actually, you'll see exactly what she's made of here...


The Dell Studio Hybrid, that we'll be looking at next week, is built upon an Intel 965 chipset with integrated X3100 graphics.  Though you won't be doing any serious gaming on the machine, it certainly can serve nicely as a Home Theater PC.  Dell ships the Hybrid with an optional Blu-ray optical drive as well. 

Of course we took a video of the entire disassembly process, which was an absolute piece of cake.  Three screws and you're in, which definitely makes for easy upgrades on things like system memory, hard drives and possibly a processor, with the right BIOS support.