WD's Raptor Still Stands Alone

So, is it a real disappointment that we haven't seen more 10,000 RPM SATA drives? Possibly, but increasing the drives rotational speed isn't the only way to increase drive performance. In their recent article, HDDsaver explains the lack of more 10k RPM SATA drives, and covers some new technology aimed at increasing hard drive performance.

"Over two years ago Western Digital announced the arrival of the first ever 10,000 RPM serial ATA hard drive, the Raptor. Despite having a capacity of just 37GB, the WD360GD was immediate a hit with performance enthusiasts and high-end system builders. It is surprising that other companies have not followed suit and offered a 10,000 RPM SATA drive of their own. In the computer industry innovations are almost always countered by rivals within a matter of weeks, if not days. In this situation neither the large competitors nor the smaller players have delivered a 10K SATA drive of their own, this article looks into why."
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