WD 320GB PATA HDD, Samsung 213T LCD Display, and more!

Hey folks, the news is moving slow today but there's enough for a decent read. I'm taking valuable time away from a Red Sox game right now, so you better enjoy the news :)

WD 320GB PATA HDD @ Hardware Avenue

"PATA is still considered by many as the HDD standard of choice - IDE cables are not ideal, but when using specialized rounded cables, they become far less of a problem air flow wise and actually aren't too bad in comparison to SATA cables. The HDD makers are aware that not everyone has bought into the rather slow moving SATA market so you'll still find high end HDD's featured on the PATA standard - which is exactly what we have in review today, the high end Western Digital WD3200 320GB PATA HDD."

Songbank Digital Audio Jukebox @ MHW

"For a long time now I have wanted to get a MP3 player. Unfortunately in the past no one player I have seen met all of my needs. Some didn't have enough capacity, some lacked a FM tuner, some had ridiculous DRM schemes... All of that may be ready to change, though, due to the Songbank enclosure. On paper at least it seems to me to be the perfect MP3 player."

Ultimate Testing of Recordable DVD Media Discs @ X-Bit Labs

"What are the major criteria for your decision when you shop for blank recordable DVD discs? Is it the brand name of the manufacturer? Or the maximum claimed write speed? Or the price per piece? Well, we decided to check out over 40 different discs available in the market today to see how good they are. Hopefully, this roundup will help you make the right choice."

Samsung 213T LCD Display Review @ XYZ Computing

"This review will be taking a look at Samsung's 213T LCD display. A 21.3" LCD would have been priced beyond the reach of all but professional users two or three years ago, but today they have dropped to a much more attainable price. They are still too pricey for some consumers but depending on your needs and financial priorities you may be interested in upgrading."

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