Watch NASCAR, Call The Trailer-- By Mulletphone

Just kidding. But people in the cell phone world do call Samsung's UpStage music phone the "Mullet Phone," because it has a cell phone in the front, and an MP3 player in the back. Business in the front, party in the back, as they say. And Samsung expects the highly touted Apple iPhone to help sales of their UpStage, not hurt them.

Apple's first attempt at an iPod-phone hybrid, the much-derided Motorola Rokr, never took off, and may have turned off potential buyers to the idea of a music phone.

That may change with the launch of the impending iPod. If Apple continues its successful iPod marketing strategy, expect a saturation-bombing marketing campaign that should help popularize the idea of phones that double as MP3 players.

While Samsung's not likely to match Apple's ad spending, it's possible that those who can't afford the much-anticipated device's $500-$600 price tag will likely turn to other, cheaper phones, especially now that Samsung and others have simplified their designs to make them easier to use.

The Samsung phone will do one thing the proposed iPhone can't: download songs wirelessly. Could be a winner... the Mullet Phone.
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