Watch Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s Epic, Near Vertical Takeoff With YouTube Multi-Angle Cam Views

This past February, YouTube launched a new feature that allows uploaders to include multiple views, and it takes little imagination to realize the cool content that can come from that. Today, we have a brand-new example, and with Boeing involved, you know it's got to be good.

At the Paris Air Show earlier this week, Boeing decided to show us what its 787-9 Dreamliner can do. Most notably, that includes a near vertical takeoff. So, the company decked the plane out in cameras, and even filmed from outside, to give users all possible perspectives. The finished result is extremely cool.

Boeing YouTube Choose Your View 01

Boeing YouTube Choose Your View 02

As you watch the video, you may want to step it back a bit and change the angle, to see how things looked at that particular moment from a different perspective. It's interesting to see how relaxed the pilots were during the near vertical takeoff, as it almost made me feel uneasy just watching it (I am not sure I would have been stoked to me in that plane!)

Let's hope a lot more content like this is in our future.