YouTube To Allow More Immerse Videos With Multiple Camera Angles

Watching live concerts on YouTube is about to get a bit more immersive thanks to some fancy new camerawork that’s currently in the testing phase. YouTube is introducing a new feature that allows viewers to dynamically change cameras while playing back a video. There is currently one video on YouTube that supports multiple camera angles, and it’s a live performance by indie artist Madilyn Bailey.

The additional camera angles show up as small thumbnails on the right-hand side of the screen and periodically update to give viewers a reasonably up-to-date view of what’s going on in front of each camera. A red camera at the top left corner of the thumbnail identifies the currently selected view. In our testing, switching camera angles is nearly instantaneous once the video has been cached, and does add a brilliant new dynamic to watching performances.


This remains an experimental feature for now, as if it only being available with one video didn’t already clue you in. But YouTube is looking to further refine its system and is inviting content creators to “upload videos from different camera angles from the same performance, letting fans choose their view and how they want to experience your video.” If you want to join the pilot program, you can do so by filling out a request here.


As for Bailey, she’s just happy to be a part of the experience. “I love being super interactive with my online community and I think this is such a creative way to put more freedom into the hands of my viewers and gives them the ability to have a more personalized viewing experience,” said Bailey in an email exchange with TechCrunch.