Want A $299 Mac? Buy An Apple TV

Apple has been on a campaign to get PC users to switch for some time now, but the cost has been the biggest roadblock for many. After all, who wants to spend $600 or more just to test out an Apple? What if you could try one out for about half that price? Well, with a little bit of elbow grease and tech know-how, you can turn a $300 Apple TV into a very basic OS X computer. The only drawback is that you really don't end up with a great computing experience as the hardware was never really intended to run OS X in the first place.

"When the specifications for the Apple TV were released, the speculation about how long it would take for a full-fledged OS to be run on the system began almost immediately. However, anyone estimating a time frame of "less than two weeks" might have been labeled as anything from "overly optimistic" to "insane." A devoted Apple hacker named "semthex" has apparently created a modified OSX kernel and released it to the public. The truly amazing news is that the modified kernel is being distributed under the terms of Apple's own Apple Public Source License, with source code to follow."

This makes one wonder how long will it be before someone manages install Windows Mobile Edition on the iPhone?

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