Wal-Mart Stores to Begin Selling iPads on Oct. 15

Wal-Mart has reportedly confirmed what was believed for some time, that the iPad is coming to its retail stores on Friday, Oct. 15. The company said as early as May that it wanted to have the iPad in time for the holidays, and its arch-rival Target recently began offering the hot-selling tablet, on Oct. 3rd.

Wal-Mart will have all six versions in stock, but just as with other Apple items, customers who order on-line will have to pick-up in store. "Hundreds" of stores will have it when it is first offered, with the hot item reaching all 2,300 US locations by mid-November.

 It's unclear what pricing will be offered, but earlier leaks did not show any discount at all. Meanwhile, arch-rival Target has already stated that its upcoming discount of 5 percent on most items to REDcard customers will cover the iPad. That discount begins on Sunday, Oct. 17th.

That makes Target still the only place to get a reliable discount. One place typically chosen for discounts, Amazon.com, is selling the iPad, but only through third parties using the site for sales (although some are "fulfilled by Amazon). That means the prices are high, as one might expect.
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