Wal-Mart Launches Downscale Craigslist

It hasn't gotten a lot of play, but Wal-Mart has launched a free Internet Classified service, as sort of virtual bulletin board for people to buy, sell, and trade all of their worthless... oops, I meant valuable stuff. Wal-Mart's funneling their customers to an existing web service called Oodle.com.

The service doesn't charge the seller or the buyer and is accessible through Walmart.com, the site the company uses to sell its own products. Wal-Mart said the new offering "further connects our community of 130 million customers who shop the Wal-Mart brand each week."

A spokesman declined to comment on financial details of the relationship or on the length of the pilot test. In the past, it has test-marketed online sales of movie downloads only to later discontinue the service.

Oodle.com was launched three years ago in the San Francisco area by former eBay Inc. and Excite executives.

So if Craigslist and yardsales are too fancy for you, now you've got another alternative.
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