Walmart Hacks Prices Of iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S: Is A New Handset En Route?

When it comes to Apple products, discounts are few and far between. The company just doesn't offer up coupons and price slashings on any sort of regular basis, and in fact, most of the retailers certified to sell genuine Apple products don't offer any discounts, either. Walmart has typically shaved a few dollars from iPod and iPhone products, but not much else. Unless, of course, a new product is en route.

There has been no formal indication from Apple that a next-generation iPhone is on the way, but Walmart has just taken the axe to the MSRP on its iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 handsets. The iPhone 5 can now be found in Walmart retail stores for just $129 with a new 2-year contract on Sprint, Verizon or AT&T, while the iPhone 4S is being sold at a staggeringly low $39 on-contract. That's the lowest mark for these two phones yet, and it certainly makes us believe that Apple may indeed be closer to unveiling the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6, perhaps) than anyone previously believed.

You'll need to check your local store for inventory, but then again -- if you're in the market, perhaps it's better to just hold off. After the next iPhone is unveiled, these prices are sure to drop even more.

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