Fortnite Black Panther Challenges Bring New Wakandan Salute Emote, Here's How To Unlock It

wakanda emote
Though the Marvel Fortnite season has come and gone, it does not mean we cannot still enjoy some Marvel-themed content. Starting today, Fortnite players can “celebrate the legacy of Wakanda’s King with the Wakandan Salute Emote,” which will be free to all who complete the “Wakanda Forever Challenges.” Epic Games has also teased the possibility of a Black Panther skin being announced on a livestream later today at 6:45ET, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Since Marvel’s Black Panther movie and the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, players have been requesting skins, emotes, and other ways of commemorating the Wakandan king. Now, it seems players are starting to get what they asked for with the Wakandan Salute Emote. The only catch is that players have to complete some challenges to get the emote, but it is free after that. You can dive into the challenges listed below between today and January 12th at 7 PM ET.
  • Play Matches(10)
  • Outlast Opponents(500)
  • Play Duo or Squad Matches With A Friend(5)
These challenges seem pretty easy, so it should be a cinch to grab the awesome emote. Once you have it, feel free to take screenshots and share on Twitter with the hashtag “#Fortography.” Epic Games plans to share some of their favorite screenshots in the near future.

Obviously, the emote is not complete without a Black Panther skin, and it is rumored that one will be announced later today. Epic Games posted a video premiere for 6:45ET titled “The King Returns” with the same purple background you see on the emote drawing. This leads us to believe that a Black Panther skin will be announced then, so keep an eye on the premiere for updates.

Hopefully, Epic Games will be using these skins and the hype surrounding them to memorialize the late Chadwick Boseman. Perhaps, if we are lucky, Epic Games may even give the proceeds to a colon cancer research or treatment charity. In any case, keep an eye on the Fortnite YouTube and HotHardware for updates on this and future Fortnite updates.