VoIP Editorial, Sunbeam 20-in-1 Superior Panel, and more!

Hey folks, here's your last dose of news for the day. If your in the market for a fancy new case, check out Robert's review of the ASUS Vento 3600. Goodnight!

VoIP Editorial @ TechConnect

"Voice Over IP technologies are making a comeback, with cheaper prices and prettier interfaces. What lurks beneath the surface, though?"

GeCube X800XLA-VIVO 256MB (RADEON X800 XL - AGP) @ Hardware Zone

"Powered by ATI's RADEON X800 XL VPU, the GeCube X800XLA-VIVO 256MB comes with the new Rialto bridge chip that should be welcomed by those unwilling to part with their well-stocked AGP compatible systems. Also find out how the new X800 XL cards stack up against the competition."

Sunbeam 20-in-1 Superior Panel @ LAN Addict

"Sunbeam's 20-in-1 Superior Panel is exactly that! A brilliantly devised and constructed panel to put everything any PC user would need at their finger tips. There are many other panels that could be purchased for your PC, but why go with 2 or 3, when you could simply go with 1?"

Thermaltake Silent 939 CPU Cooler @ Techniz

"Thermaltake have come out with a nice and great CPU cooler again. The Silent 939 cooler is adopting the heatpipe technology with a low noise fan. Furthermore, the fan is a 11 blades silent fan. As for the cooling performance, you can view it on the testing section. It's performing much better and more low noise compare to the AMD K8 stock cooler."

Beginners Guides: Understanding and Tweaking Windows XP Services @ PCStats

"The reason for this occasional slow performance is the same reason why Microsoft Windows XP runs considerably slower than Windows 2000 at times; it's what's going on in the background. Every modern operating system needs to run certain processes constantly, regardless of what other programs and operations are currently active and regardless of what the user may be doing."

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