Vista to Change PC Gaming Landscape?

The crew over at recently sat down and talked with Games for Windows (GFW) Marketing Director Kevin Unangst and PR Manager Michael Wolf about the affects Windows Vista, and the "Games for Windows" initiative will have on PC Gaming.

"By making gaming a priority in the Vista experience, Microsoft is molding a powerful pairing of the Games for Windows and Xbox 360 brands. To some extent, this is based on a hope that Live Anywhere will be embraced by GFW developers and publishers, pulling Xbox Live (and your Gamertag) outside of the 'Box, in turn encouraging an unrivaled virtual community. But there are simpler touches that also spark our interest. For example, start up Vista's Minesweeper, connect your 360 controller, and enjoy a subtle rumble each time you slip up."

It's good to know that Microsoft is behind the PC as a gaming platform.  With so much horsepower at a PC game developer's disposal, the PC should by all rights be the top gaming platform.

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