Vista Just Getting Warmed Up

It seems that nearly a year of bug fixes has made Vista a lot more attractive to many consumers, and the Redmond Monolith is predicting a strong holiday season for their latest OS.  This prediction could be in large part to traditional PC/notebook sales, many of which will ship with Vista this holiday season, and it isn't hard to imagine that more than a few consumers waiting on Leopard are going back to the Microsoft fold after reading the numerous message boards around the web crammed with users complaining about Leopard-related bugs.

“Vista's success was not always a foregone conclusion. Early Vista buyers complained about the lack of compatibility with existing devices and software programs.

Microsoft also buckled to PC manufacturer demands that the company delay the scheduled transition to Vista and extend sales of its previous Windows operating system, Windows XP, for another five months because some customers preferred XP.”

More homes and businesses running Vista should motivate hardware vendors to get their driver teams working harder on Vista support.  It looks like naysayers who predicted that Vista wouldn't hit its stride before SP-1 might have been quite conservative.

Now if only more consumers would start migrating over to 64-bit...
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