Vista Gaming Performance Numbers

Microsoft's Windows Vista promises to revolutionize gaming with DirectX 10, but how does gaming performance stack up against Windows XP, using the DirectX 9 games we have available today? Well, some of you might be disappointed, but you're not exactly going to see a leap in performance. Vista has a greater hardware requirement than Windows XP, since it require more horse power to run. Obviously this is going to cause a bit of a hit in gaming performance, but just how much of a hit?

"One common question I have seen asked was, "How come Vista is not faster than XP? It should be, as it's newer." Well, this is not always the case. There's no denying that Vista is a far much more system intensive than XP was. It's even a bigger jump than was 98 to XP was. It doesn't help that the entire Vista environment is accelerated, so it first requires a lot more GPU power than what XP did, not to mention memory. Taking a look at all things considered, I'm actually surprised that the benchmark results were as good as they were."