Virus Kit Dissected

Have you ever wondered why there are so many viruses and other malware out there just waiting to infect your PC(s)?  Is it really possible that there are so many people these days who have the intelligence and the lack of scruples required to make so many viruses?  Or is it more probable that there are a few bright people out there who have let greed override their sense of right and wrong and are willing to sell the fruits of their intellectual labor to others? 

It could very well end up being a mix of the two and other factors, but it certainly seems that a program called Pinch could very well be an example of the latter:
“One of the most dangerous features of Pinch can be exploited through the WORM tab, which allows criminals to add worm features to their creations, so that they can spread by their own means, infecting other files or sending themselves out by email.

Pinch also lets users carry out other actions: turn infected computers into zombie computers, pack Trojans to make detection more difficult, and kill certain system processes, particularly those of security solutions.”
What would their sales site look like?  Perhaps something like this: Sure, sign in to our forums (tee-hee-hee) and make sure to enter your credit card data (muw-wah-ha-ha-ha!) and we need your SSN for verification purposes.
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