Virtual Ubiquity Using Flash For Buzzword

The world of doing your word processing on the 'net is officially here, no doubt about it. But how do developers make the programs that people are using these days? While the traditional CD or DVD based (or even large download) software is often written with some variant of the tried and true C programming language, this approach may not be the most suitable to bringing web-based applications to life. So what did Buzzword developer, Virtual Ubiquity, chose? Flash of course.

Adobe themselves have been expanding into web-based apps, and it so it would seem very likely that future versions of Flash will probably offer expanded programmability to suit the needs of this growing group of developers.

"Virtual Ubiquity chose to write its application, called Buzzword, to run in Adobe's Flash Player, which is installed in most Web browsers. It is doing the programming in Adobe's Flex 2.0 development environment. Choosing Flash as a "run time" for Buzzword allows the company to improve on the existing crop of online word processors from companies like Google and Zoho, said Rick Treitman, CEO of the Waltham, Mass.-based Virtual Ubiquity."
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