Violent Fanboy Roomates Stab Each Other In Fight Over Android vs iPhone

In tech, it's not often that I take sides. I don't care if a GPU is NVIDIA or AMD, or a CPU is AMD or Intel. I just want what's better, or at least better for me at that particular point in time. Where mobile is concerned though, there has emerged a definitive winner for me. Windows Phone has never managed to grab me, and I loathe the locked-down iOS. So for me, I proclaim Android my true love. It's open, flexible, and I can personally do everything I want on my phone / tablet without the need for rooting.

iOS vs Android

If you're like me and are comfortably sitting on one side of the fence (assuming Windows Phone is sitting to the side of the fence), I'm sure you've likewise been involved in battles - small or large - with a fan of the opposite platform. I admit that I'm not proud of some of my own battles as they've been a little more energized than they should have been, but I can at least say one thing: at least I didn't try to stab someone!

Two Tulsa, Oklahoma men can no longer claim the same. Fueled by alcohol, the common cure for passivity, these two men ended up smashing bottles off of each other and began stabbing with the remains. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but both men are clearly not going to be feeling great today.

KTUL iPhone Android

So which is better? iOS or Android? Tulsa's KTUL tried to find out: "Police did not respond when our photographer asked which phone is better."