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Vigor Gaming Announces Release of Force Recon QXN

Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-based Gaming System at CES

LAS VEGAS, NV - Vigor Gaming Computer, a developer of custom gaming rigs and high end peripherals, today announced the release of Force Recon QXN system, an Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad QX6700 system geared toward gaming and multimedia enthusiasts.

The Vigor Force Recon QXN with its Core 2 Extreme QX6700 quad-core processor can easily tackle numerous tasks simultaneously. The Core 2 Extreme QX6700 is made up of four separate processing cores in a single package with 8MB of L2 cache. This increases the multitasking potential for users because the CPU significantly improves system responsiveness when performing tasks such as playing a demanding game, rendering a video, or running application software at the same time. READ MORE...

Vigor Gaming to Show AMD Quad FX-based Gaming System at CES

Ultimate Gaming Rig Ushers in the Era of "Megatasking" - Running Multiple Applications and Multi-Threaded Games

LAS VEGAS, NV - Vigor Gaming Computer, a developer of custom gaming rigs and high end peripherals, will debut its Vigor Force Recon QX4 system, a top-end computer system based on AMD's Quad FX dual socket CPU platform at CES 2007 here.

The Vigor Force Recon QX4 will be Vigor Gaming's flagship system for "megatasking" enthusiasts, which allows users to run multiple, demanding applications and multi-threaded games. The Vigor Force Recon QX4 is powered by a pair of the AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 series dual-core processors, the newest addition to the award-winning AMD Athlon 64 FX processor family. AMD's Quad FX Platform with Dual Socket Direct Connect (DSDC) Architecture is the first dual-socket, multi-core desktop PC platform designed to take advantage of the latest enhancements in Windows Vista Ultimate. Systems based on this new CPU have been designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts who run multiple applications and multi-threaded games. The Force Recon QX4 is also a desired rig for post production work, audio/video editing and content creation, streaming high-definition content, and running multi-layered business applications. READ MORE...

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